Colonial Wig Making

Today was a hard day because it is my first. I had to go to the mountains to get hair from a poor goat that came up to me like I was food. On my way back I saw a duck, I was hungry and the duck was like my Jesus.

When I got back to the village I went to the house and started to make a wig. I spread out all these ribbons and netting called a caul which formed the inner part of the wig. The caul was on a wooden dummy head called a blockhead so I could have the right shape. I wove the goat hair to the correct before stitching it onto the caul. Once all the hair was on, I painstakingly curled the rows of hair by wrapping them around the curling rods. Then I cut the hair to the correct length with scissors. I put a coat of white powder on the wig to make it white. After people saw how good I was at making wigs, everyone wanted a wig, so I made more and more wigs my hair started to fall out. I wanted a wig but the white was kind of  boring  and I wanted a different color. I was thinking of colors and then green popped into my head, so I made a blue wig. After my blue wig everyone wanted a blue wig.

Man is wig making hard.

If I ever read this again, CHANGE JOBS NOW!!!!!!!!

Colonial Leaders

Who is Benjamin Franklin?

Founding Father

Very important leader in the U.S.A

Signed the Declaration of Independence

The Constitution

One of the Delegates

Short of all out war, between the British 13 colonies

Was a reluctant revolutionary

Made electricity

Great poem writer

Loved to read

That is Benjamin Franklin!             😀👍

The Day (My Halloween Story)

On a day before sunrise there were 2 kids named Brody and Michael. They were lost in a dark forest. They knew all the pathways like the back of their hand. What they didn’t  know was that they  were not alone. Brody said “did you hear that?”. “No.”Michael said. The noise happened again and this time, it was closer. Michael walked behind the tree that the sound was coming from and a few seconds later he screamed loudly. Brody went to see what it was. Nothing was there not even a footprint. He couldn’t sleep that night he was so worried for Michael. The next morning he went to the same place got taken and he looked around and didn’t see anything. Then he saw it. It was a………


To be continued.


At White Oak we have our homecoming every 3 years instead of every on year. And every time homecoming rolls around we have a pep-rally on Friday and later that evening we have a football game from 7:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m. The next day at 9:30 a.m we have a huge parade with candy, snow cones, games, cool crafts to buy, food and drinks, and a high school dance at 9:30 p.m. That’s our homecoming hope your homecoming is fun too.


◕ ◡ ◕            ┏(^0^)┛

9-11 Reflection

Picture of the Twin Towers getting hit by hijacked planes.                   

If I was alive on 9-11-01 I would be like everyone else. Crying, scared, and I wouldn’t know if there were going to be any more planes going to crash. What I do know is that it was a good reminder that not everything is good. I am really and truly sorry for all the people that lived and went through that and I pray every day that it won’t happen again.

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